Simple command line chat using netcat


If your linux machine doesn’t have netcat installed or nc command isn’t available, install netcat first. If you have already, skip this step.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install netcat


Assume you’re Piash and you’re the server. Now run this command in your terminal:

awk -W interactive '$0="\033[1;32mPiash: \033[0m"$0' | nc -l -p 1234


If Rupa is a client and wants to connect to the server, she has to run this:

awk -W interactive '$0="\033[1;34mRupa: \033[0m"$0' | nc <ip_of_server> 1234

<ip_of_server> : Server’s IP address. e.g.
1234 : Port number. Anything valid will do


Start chatting! Your chat screen should look like this:

From server terminal (Piash)
From client terminal (Rupa)

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