Beshto Mobile UI

What is Beshto? (বেশতো) is 1st Bangladeshi social network & largest crowd-sourced Bengali content  repository after Wikipedia. The mission of Beshto is to provide high quality Bengali content in the form of Q&A and blog. Registered users also get the privilege to spread whats inside their mind & build community using other cool features like chotpost, photo, jokes, beshtoon, news, shopping.

Task Overview

Beshto is a platform developed by a large group of developers. Here I’m specifically showcasing my part of UI/UX work that is done by me only. I’ve done UI/UX and development of Q&A feed (mobile) and User Profile feed (mobile).


Q&A Feed

  • Material Design
  • Pleasing color scheme
  • Slider to show featured questions
  • Modal login box (using Beshto & facebook)
  • Eye catching call of action buttons for question & answer
  • material card as individual activity
  • Share to social sites. Click to copy link
  • Bottom sheet to access 5 different type of feed easily
  • Lazy load images
  • Horizontally scroll-able topic follow, user follow option
  • Adsense implementation

User Profile

  • Material Design
  • Pleasing color scheme
  • Sidebar to access extra features
  • Click to follow user
  • Sticky tab to access 2 different feed, follower & followed topic info
  • Compact ease to access contents
  • Colorful footer


See Live (from mobile only)

  1. Proshno feed
  2. User Profile